Setting Up Your Home Theater With RCA, HDMI, S-Video, Component Video

Everyone is dreaming of having the most fascinating Home Theater. There are also other gadgets that need video and you may be wondering what would be the best one to give you the most captivating graphics.

With the signaling standards like RCA, HDMI, S-Video, the audio quality is also affected. You will end up using different cables depending on the model of your appliances with the video component. I guess everyone would love to have the most crisp, clear and vivid video ever with a surround sound to match it.

Some of the standards have evolved from the RCA to HDMI and to S-Video, Component for the DVR, Blu-ray player, console gaming, home theater televisions, personal computer, laptop, projector and other gadgets. You should get to know the various types of signaling standards in order to have a deeper understanding of different audio and video quality.

And What Are The Different Signaling Standards?

1. RCA connector

rcaThis is the signaling standard that your parents where using with their TVs and other gadgets. It can be considered the oldest one for all the signaling standards. It is analog type and is capable of multiple connections.

It is not recommended for digital signals. For our modern digital world today it would be better for you to upgrade instead of using other adaptors to connect with a digital signal.

2. Component

componentThis is the signaling standard that is further divided into more component channels.

It is also an analog type but a more advanced one with higher color resolution. You can say that this kind of signaling standard has a highly acceptable video output

3. S-Video (Super-Video)


It’s also known as Separate Video or Super Video. This is for the standard definition video.

It has the capability to separate black-and-white and coloring signals that produces better image quality than the Component type of signaling standard.

However, it has a lower color resolution compared to the Component Video.

4. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

hdmiThis standard Is the highly recommended signaling standard that you should use. Unlike the Component it has the best solution for the audio and video signal. It can deliver the best audio quality with uncompressed audio into the 8 channels.

It will deliver a full capacity of 7.1 speaker experience which is popularly known as the Dolby TrueHd and DTS HD. This signaling standard will give your home theater or other gadgets the highest boost for the audio and video quality.


A common problem for most people is that they still have appliances or gadgets with an RCA signaling standard and they would like to connect with other gadgets with an HDMI signaling standard.

It can be remedied with an RCA to HDMI converter but if you are really looking for the highest audio and video quality, I would suggest for you to upgrade your TV or other gadgets. We now live in a digital world and it would be best if you are using HDMI as it is the highly recommended signaling standard as of today.