HDMI to DVI Adapter or Cable : Don’t Make Mistakes !

Have you ever tried to connect a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) source with a Digital Video Interface (DVI) source? For those who have given it a try, you probably discovered almost instantly that the two ports are incompatible with each other.

HDMI and DVIJust to refresh your memory, the main difference between HDMI and DVI is audio. HDMI has integrated audio signals while DVI only transmits digital video.

This article will give you step by step guidelines on how to convert signals between HDMI to DVI.

In addition, you will get to know some of the highly recommended cable models to guide you in picking out the most efficient ones as you go out shopping for these vital electronic accessories.

How to Convert Signals Between HDMI and DVI

It is important to understand that the digital video signals for HDMI and DVI are similar. Nevertheless, you need a HDMI to DVI adapter or cable in order to effectively transfer the digital data between the two ports.

Since there is no need to convert the digital video signal between HDMI and DVI, an adapter will not therefore act as a converter but as linkage. If you already have a HDMI or DVI cable that came with your HD television or computer tower, then all you need is an adapter.

hdmi to dvi cable

HDMI to DVI adapters are the most efficient and cost effective way to make use of the cables you already have. However, it is highly recommended to carefully check before purchasing in order to ensure that you get the right adapter/cable for your devices.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing HDMI to DVI Adapters

Type of DVI Connectors: DVI connectors come as different types including DVI-D, DVI-I and DVI-A. The DVI-D connector has the ability to transmit digital signals while the DVI-A transmits analog signals.

On the other hand, the DVI-I connector is able to send both analog and digital signals. Furthermore, DVI-D and DVI-I connectors come as either single/dual link. Dual-link connectors have more pins compared to single link connectors.

As a result, dual-link connectors have the ability to transfer more data than single-link connectors. In addition, HDMI to DVI adapters can come with a male or female connector on either end. Ensure you get the correct configuration before flashing out your cash.

Type of Cable

If you already have a HDMI cable, get an adapter with a female HDMI connector and a male DVI connector. On the other hand, if you already have a DVI cable, get an adapter with a female DVI connector and of course a male HDMI connector.


Since the single-link connectors have fewer pins, they are compatible with more DVI ports than dual-link connectors. It is therefore recommendable to carefully check the DVI port on your device before purchasing a HDMI to DVI adapter to avoid incompatibility issues after giving out your cash.

Types of HDMI to DVI Adapters/Cables

There are many HDMI to DVI adapters; some that include an audio plug on the HDMI side that is converted into the DVI signal. However, the use of an adapter and a separate audio cable is the only cost-effective way to convert signals between HDMI and DVI. Some of the popular HDMI to DVI adapter/cable brands include

  • the Insten HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable,
  • startech HDMI to DVI-D Video Cable adapter,
  • Calrad 35-711 A HDMI Female to DVI Male,

Also, are Micro Connectors HDMI Male to DVI Female, Tripp Lite HDMI to DVI Cable, Digital Monitor, Acell HDMI to DVI adapter, Fosmon 10 Feet High Speed HDMI to DVI cable.

All the cables or adapters mentioned above help you to create a bi-directional connection between your different HDMI cable-enabled devices. In addition, their convenient length helps to decrease strain on connectors hence preventing their damage. These HDMI to DVI adapters will undoubtedly enable you to set up your home entertainment system exactly the way you desire it to be.

Conclusion : HDMI to DVI

If you do not have any connection between your DVI source and HDMI source, then a cable is the perfect way to go. A DVI to HDMI cable will help to bridge the gap between a laptop and HD television or a computer and monitor.

If you already own state-of-the-art DVI-capable devices and want to integrate HDMI equipment, then a HDMI to DVI adapter is a necessity for you. These adapters are easy to attach to a DVI/HDMI cable or port, giving you a user-friendly, simple and extra-ordinary HDMI viewing experience.