HDMI to DVI adapters

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There are many HDMI to DVI adapters; some that include an audio plug on the HDMI side that is converted into the DVI signal. However, the use of an adapter and a separate audio cable is the only cost-effective way to convert signals between HDMI and DVI. Some of the popular HDMI to DVI adapter/cable brands include :

  • the Insten HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable,
  • startech HDMI to DVI-D Video Cable adapter,
  • Calrad 35-711 A HDMI Female to DVI Male,

Also, are Micro Connectors HDMI Male to DVI Female, Tripp Lite HDMI to DVI Cable, Digital Monitor, Acell HDMI to DVI adapter, Fosmon 10 Feet High Speed HDMI to DVI cable.

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