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Finally we have the Coosis Scart and S-Video to HDMI 1080 Converter. This advanced device offers a very easy way to convert analog SCART, S-Video or RCA inputs to a digital HDMI output of up to 1080P resolution.

It accepts both PAL and NTSC formats and can take analog audio and encode it into the HD video signal for HDMI output. Each conversion is programmed with wide-range output resolution and 4 output image aspects ratios to meet different display requirements. It offers connections to almost all game consoles and players.
SCART to hdmi

This is my device of choice so I may tend to be a bit bias but from experience. Coosis assures high quality output with an easy to use platform.

There is a trendy HDMI to RCA cable that is in the market. Some shoppers may get confused by the name and find themselves purchasing the cable in the hope of converting signals from RCA to HDMI. Please note that the cable is unidirectional in the sense that it supports only HDMI input and 3 RCA output.